Dual DAC module with audio upsampling
  • Equipped with an Asahi Kasei AK4493SEQ dual DAC for more natural playback
  • Specially developed Digital Audio Remaster (DAR) upsampling technology enhances sample rate and sound quality up to a maximum PCM rate of 384 kHz/DSD256
  • Features proprietary TERATON ALPHA Sound Solution technology
  • Supports play of up to 32-bit 768 kHz/Native DSD512 high-resolution digital audio files
  • Low-power consumption design provides 14 hours of playback
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Dual DAC module with audio sampling


The A&futura SE180 digital audio player allows music fans to customise their sound with different audio-flavoured DAC modules to find the hi-fi-grade sonics that suit


Shape your sound

Following the SEM2 and SEM3, the SEM4 Asahi Kasei AK4493SEQ dual DAC is the latest in a series of optional modules available for the A&futura SE180 digital audio player. This DAC possesses the ability to play high resolution audio files up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512, so music fans can enjoy studio-grade sounds as the artist intended.

Introducing Digital Audio Remaster (DAR)

Specially developed for the SEM4, DAR upsamples the sound source up to a maximum PCM sample rate of 384 kHz/DSD256. Whatever file you are playing, the SEM4 will convert to a higher sample rate that suits the source. The result will be a more refined and richer sonic performance, revealing detail and nuances in your favourite music otherwise unheard.

DAC with Velvet Sound

The SEM4 is the first Astell&Kern product to be equipped with a premium dual AK4493SEQ DAC from Asahi Kasei. Featuring VELVET SOUND™ technology, this DAC aims to deliver a more natural audio with even lower noise and distortion, along with a wider dynamic range. Carefully selected advanced switch and capacitor components allows the low-power consumption design to provide a stunning low-noise playback performance of up to 14 hours - the longest among SE180 modules.

Hand-pick your headphone

The SEM4 DAC module supports 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphones connections for accommodating and driving a greater variety of headphones and in-ear monitors (IEM).

SEM4 - Astell&Kern
SEM4 - Astell&Kern
SEM4 - Astell&Kern

Included in the box

  • 1x SEM4 Asahi Kasei AK4493SEQ dual DAC x2 (Dual DAC
whats in the box
General Specifications
SEM4 DAC module
Body Material
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate
Body Colour
Moon Silver
Sample Rate
PCM: 8kHz ~ 768kHz (8/16/24/32bits per Sample)
DSD Native: DSD64(1bit 2.8MHz), Stereo / DSD128(1bit 5.6MHz), Stereo
DSD256(1bit 11.2MHz), Stereo / DSD512(1bit 22.4MHz), Stereo
Unbalanced Out (3.5mm), Balanced Out (2.5mm, only 4-pole supported / 4.4m, only 5-pole supported)
Output Level
[Normal Gain] Unbalanced 2Vrms / Balanced 4Vrms (Condition No Load)
[High Gain] Unbalanced 3Vrms / Balanced 6Vrms (Condition No Load)
AKM AK4493SEQ x 2 (Dual DAC)
Support up to 32bit / 768kHz Bit-to-Bit playback
3.03"(77mm)[W] x 2.99"(76mm)[H] x 0.78"(19.9mm)[D]
Playback Time
About 14hours (Standard: FLAC, 16bit, 44.1kHz, Unbalanced, Vol.50, LCD Off)
Upsampling Guide
Maximum upsampling PCM rate
44.1kHz range PCM will be converted to 352.8kHz for playback
48kHz range PCM will be converted to 384kHz for playback
No conversion will be made when playing DSD with this option selected
Maximum DSD upsampling rate
PCM files lower than 96kHz will be converted to DSD128 for playback
PCM files over 96kHz will be converted to DSD256 for playback
DSD files below DSD256 will be converted to DSD256 for playback with this option selected
Audio Performance
Frequency Response
±0.09dB (Condition: 20Hz~20kHz) Unbalanced / ±0.04dB (Condition: 20Hz~20kHz) Balanced
±0.65dB (Condition: 20Hz~70kHz) Unbalanced / ±0.65dB (Condition: 20Hz~70kHz) Balanced
[Normal Gain] 121dB @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / 121dB @ 1kHz, Balanced
[High Gain] 125dB @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / 125dB @ 1kHz, Balanced
[Normal Gain] -134dB @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / -138dB @ 1kHz, Balanced
[High Gain] -135dB @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / -143dB @ 1kHz, Balanced
[Normal Gain] 0.0003% @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / 0.0004% @ 1kHz, Balanced
[High Gain] 0.0005% @ 1kHz, Unbalanced / 0.0006% @ 1kHz, Balanced
0.0003%, 800Hz 10kHz (4:1), Unbalanced / 0.0003%, 800Hz 10kHz (4:1), Balanced
Output Impedance
3.5mm (1ohm) / 2.5mm (1.5ohm) / 4.4mm (1.5ohm)