New drivers, new sound
  • Three different types of drivers: Planar, balance armature and dynamic
  • Perfectly harmonised driver structure
  • Precision crossover network design
  • Acoustic chamber created using 3D printed technology
  • Precise CNC-machined metal housing
  • Hi-fi-grade pure silver-coated OFC cable
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Three types of drivers


This in-ear monitor (IEM) features three different types of drivers to deliver a ground-breaking hybrid sound. Composed of a micro planar dynamic driver, dual balanced armature (BA) drivers and a dynamic driver, this unique design combines the sonic characteristics of each driver to produce an unprecedented natural audio.


Micro marvel

The Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver is a specially developed, highly advanced driver that allows a planar driver design, normally difficult to scale down for headphones, to be applied to in-ear monitors. Adopting a sturdy and lightweight planar membrane to minimise frequency loss, this is combined with a vibration panel boasting a high-polymer and thin metal film to create crystal clear and dynamic high frequencies.

Add two more drivers

The AK ZERO1’s driver system also features dual BA drivers, using custom-designed coils to deliver transparent vocals with super-low distortion. Couple this with the single 5.6 mm dynamic driver to ensure rich, controlled and deep low frequencies and the AK ZERO1 is poised to deliver its pioneering hybrid sound.

Expert crossover

To realise this new sound through the ideal frequency response, a Crossover Network design was generated based on a thorough understanding of each driver’s parameters. Once established, each driver is carefully placed in the optimal position, enclosed in specifically designed acoustic chambers manufactured with 3D printing technology.

Silver and copper cable

To further maximise the audio performance the AK ZERO1 arrives equipped with a pure silver-coated OFC cables. Exquisitely crafted with high-purity silver plating and copper, alongside aluminum plugs, this design strives to maintain transparency of the audio signal.

Best connection

MMCX connectors ensure a prime-quality connection between the ear housing and cable, offering a long-lasting and stable performance. Elsewhere, the shape of the housing and the slender ear nozzles have been carefully designed and refined to not only provide a secure and comfortable fit, but to deliver the sound efficiently and accurately through your ears.


Included in the box

  • 2x AK ZERO1 earphone housings
  • 1x 3.5mm headphone cable with MMCX headphone connectors
  • 5x sizes of silicon ear tips / 1x sizes of comply foam ear tips
  • 1x carry case
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
General Specifications
Hybrid Drivers
· Special Micro Rectangular Planar Dynamic Driver x1
· Custom Balanced Armature Driver x2
· 5.6mm Micro Dynamic Driver x1
Connector type
Housing material
Frequency Response
96dB@1KHz (1mW)
Total Harmonic Distortion