A&futura SE200 Case

Perfect fit
  • Buttero Belly leather made from the belly of the cow
  • French raw hides undergo a vegetable tanning process
  • Stretched leather in order to achieve a perfect fit
  • Encompasses the entire player providing full protection
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Color: Black
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The SE200 Leather Case - Perfect Fit


Accentuate the organic curves of your SE200 digital audio player and protect its superlative finish at the same time. Our cases follow every contour of the SE200 for the perfect fit.


Bend me shape me

The thinnest, most resilient French rawhide is used to craft the SE200. That’s because it needs to be stretched by hand in order to follow the player’s curved casework.

Half a century of excellence

More expertise from Walpier Tannery of Tuscany is at work here. For nearly 50 years the company has been refining its expertise in vegetable tanning of premium rawhides.

Make it your own

Thanks to the processes involved in producing every SE200 case, no two are identical. And because of the way our treated leather ages, the longer you own, use and handle your case, the more personal it will become.

A&futura SE200 Case - Astell&Kern
A&futura SE200 Case - Astell&Kern
A&futura SE200 Case - Astell&Kern
A&futura SE200 Case - Astell&Kern
SE200 Case
Walpier Tannery, Buttero Belly Leather (Made in Italy)
Brown, Black