Layla AION

AION Series
  • Machined carbon fibre shell
  • Silver-plated OFC Litz wire cable with 7-pin connector
  • Handcrafted earphones made in the USA
  • 3D printed chambers house the 12 driver configuration
  • Recessed tube system keeps sweat away
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Jerry Harvey Audio custom earphones


A technological tour de force, an utterly uncompromised determination to deliver the most realistic sound available from an in-ear monitor… the result is Layla AION.


Simply the best

In conjunction with Jerry Harvey Audio, we’ve developed the best-sounding, most technologically advanced in-ear monitors ever made. Unique manufacturing processes, patent-pending technologies, and hand-assembled in Orlando, Florida make Layla AION a true sonic milestone.


An extraordinary 12 drivers per earbud - four low-frequency, four midrange and four high-frequency proprietary balanced armatures - play a major part in Layla AION’s extraordinary sonic performance. No other in-ear monitor is specified with anything approaching the same rigour.

Sonic Tube Chassis™

All 12 balanced armature drivers are housed in a 3D-printed chamber - so despite the incredible driver-count, we’re able to use a smaller shell design without compromising sound quality in the slightest.


Another first, and another patented technology - freqPhase™ is incorporated into the Sonic Tube Chassis™ and guarantees the correct phase and time-alignment of the entire frequency range. Without accurate time-alignment, music won’t sound convincing - but thanks to freqPhase™, music sounds as accurate, natural and lifelike as can be.

Machined carbon fibre shell

Each Layla AION earbud is extracted begins life as a block of compressed, resin-infused carbon fibre fabric. First it is machined, then it’s shaped by hand to form a sonically perfect shell into which Jerry Harvey Audio assembles the suite of state-of-the-art components by hand.

Layla AION - Astell&Kern

Included in the box

  • 2x Layla AION earphone housings
  • 1x 2.5mm headphone cable with A2DC headphone connectors
  • 1x 2.5mm to 3.5mm headphone interconnect adapter
  • 3x sizes of silicon ear tips / 3x sizes of comply foam ear tips
  • 1x hard carry case
General Specifications
Layla AION
Universal fit IEM
Driver Unit
Custom-made Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers [12BA per side]
Frequency Response
10Hz to 23kHz
Input Sensitivity
117dB @ 1mW
20 ohm
Jerry Harvey Audio Patent Number
#9,197,960 / #9,172,180 / #9,161,128 / #8,925,674