Journey to Sound Perfection
  • Quadbrid Design with 4 driver technologies for a remarkable 5Hz-100kHz frequency response range
  • Dual Conduction Architecture - Air Conduction and Bone Conduction to maximize listener immersion with a sound that you cannot only hear but also feel!
  • synX Crossover Technology ensuring maximum performance from all 10 drivers
  • Bespoke 4.4mm Effect Audio ARES II UPOCC Copper Litz Cable for maximum signal speed transmission, performance, and ergonomics
  • Designed, Engineered & Proudly Handcrafted in the USA
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Journey to Sound Perfection


Astell&Kern & Empire Ears reveal the Odyssey: a next-generation, luxury in-ear monitor that embarks on a journey to sound perfection.

Astell&Kern, the global premium audio leader based in South Korea, and Empire Ears, the innovative, high-end in-ear monitor company, have collaborated to produce a next generation IEM, the Odyssey. The Odyssey is a handcrafted, high-performance in-ear monitor that combines a shimmering, multi-lamination design with the latest audio technologies from both esteemed brands to deliver a clear, precise and powerful sound through its 10-driver Quadbrid system.


Empire Ears x Astell&Kern

Astell&Kern is challenging the possibilities of infinite sound and always striving for purest sound imaginable. We wanted to fully convey the overwhelming sound of the newest flagship A&ultima SP3000, which was created by our continued efforts, through the best IEM that deserve it.

Empire Ears is an uncompromising and prestigious manufacturer of IEMs that are the most original and complete with the latest technologies. Astell&Kern and Empire Ears, completed Odyssey to present our most extraordinary sound with our flagship products containing the essence of A&K and Empire Ears.

Quadbrid Design

Even with low-volume quantities, we develop and build several of our own bespoke drivers rather than outsourcing them from other manufacturers. Doing so gives us the freedom to develop groundbreaking technology unrestricted by industry limitations or compromises. The Odyssey is proof of concept of the incredible engineering at Empire Ears.

At its core is a proprietary 10 drivers Quadbrid system composed of twin W9+ Subwoofers, 5 Balanced Armatures, dual Electrostatics and a W10 Bone Conductor. With 7-way synX cross over network and EIVEC MKII engine, harmonize all 10 drivers of Quadbrid System, ensuring perfect coherence and timing throughout its remarkable 5Hz-100kHz frequency response range.

Dual Conduction Architecture

The Odyssey fully exploits the best of both worlds with its pioneering Dual Conduction Architecture (DCA). A full range 5Hz-100kHz frequency response is delivered via air conduction from the dual W9+ subwoofers, five balanced armatures and dual electrostatics while imaging, soundstage, detail retrieval, low frequency extension and reverb is extraordinarily enhanced from 5Hz-40kHz via bone conduction from the W10.

Through the use of DCA and Empire’s masterful tuning the Odyssey reproduces the most immersive, pure and stereophonic sound possible.

synX Crossover Technology

Genetically dissimilar from the rest of the IEM world, our synX crossover network truly stands out with countless bespoke methods and technologies protecting it as a unique masterpiece. A marriage of 4 distinct driver technologies is symphonized via a proprietary 7-way synX crossover network, ensuring maximum performance from all 10 drivers.

Ares II

The Effect Audio Ares II cable boasts a proprietary multi-size stranded 26 AWG UPOCC Litz copper with Ultra FlexiTM Insulation for maximum signal speed transmission, performance, and ergonomics. Each Ares II is terminated with an ultra premium 4.4 Pentaconn connector.

Designed, Engineered & Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

An elite team of Empire’s finest have been tasked to build the Odyssey at the Empire Ears facility in Atlanta, Georgia USA where 5,000 square feet is reserved exclusively for this collaboration.
Each stage of Odyssey’s production is hand-built by one master technician and engineer and passed onto the next, guiding each pair along its journey to completion through 10 stations for a total of 9 hands-on hours per set.
The Odyssey is not only the most technologically advanced IEM Empire has ever built, but also the most exclusive.


Included in the box

  • 1x ODYSSEY earphone right housing
  • 1x ODYSSEY earphone left housing
  • 1x 4.4mm Bespoke Effect Audio ARES II UPOCC Copper Litz Cable
  • 1x 4.4mm to 3.5mm Pentaconn adapter
  • 5 pairs of Final Audio E-Type Tips (XS/S/M/L/XL) with Aluminum Tip tray
  • 1x Pandora V2 CNC anodized black aluminum case
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 1x EE X AK Microfiber Cloth
 whats in the box
General Specifications
Transducer type
10 Drivers Quadbrid, Dual Conduction Design
[Dual] W9+ Subwoofers
[Five] Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers
[Dual] Electrostatic Tweeters
[W10] Bone Conduction Ultra Driver
4.4mm Bespoke Effect Audio ARES II UPOCC Copper Litz Cable / Pentaconn Termination
4.4mm to 3.5mm Pentaconn adapter
Material / Design
9 Layer Optical Core, 'ENIGMA' Faceplate
3D Printed, Hand Polished A.R.C. Treated Chassis shell
Frequency response
100dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
2.1 ohmz @1kHz