A&ultima SP2000 Case

Lustrous and transparent
  • The Black color case uses Buttero leather from Walpier.
  • The Juniper Green color case uses Elbamatt leather from Tempesti.
  • Leather dyed with vegetable tannin to keep natural texture.
  • 100% cow hair leathers imported from France
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Color: Black
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The SP2000 Case emphasizes the beauty of the original material.


Protect your SP2000 and make its design even more beautiful at the same time. Our black Buttero leather case from the Walpier Tannery in Tuscany lends your digital audio player even greater sophistication. Our juniper green Elbamatt leather case from Tempesti in Italy lends your digital audio player even greater distinction.


Character and texture

Buttero leather is distinctively patterned and grained - and by using vegetable tannin techniques rather than chrome tanning pigment, all the natural texture is preserved. So each SP2000 case is as individual as its owner.

Richness of colour

Because Walpier Tannery uses high fibre-density leather, the black finish of our SP2000 case is deep, rich and even. And the longer you use the case, the more characterful and unique its look and feel will become.

Italian tradition

The Buttero leather is produced in a centuries-old manner practiced only by Italian tanners. The raw leather is contained in a drum with natural tanning extracted from a variety of trees. It is processed this way for at least 40 days.

Beauty and resilience

Elbamatt leather is among the thickest and most fibre-dense available. And thanks to its relatively high oil content, it both resists scratches and becomes even more characterful over time.

Colour of distinction

Tempesti has been producing the finest leathers, in the richest and most durable colours, since 1945. The company is one of the founders of Vera Pelle, the association of Italian vegetable tanning.

The highest standards

All Tempest rawhide is sourced from carefully selected farms that comply with the strictest animal and environment protection standards. The world’s biggest markets for rawhide have the highest standards, which Tempesti is proud to achieve.

SP2000 Case
Walpier Tannery, Buttero (Made in Italy) / Tempesti, Elbamatt (Made in Italy)
[Buttero] Black / [Elbamatt] Juniper Green