Where Artistry Meets Technology
  • Revolutionary Sound Engineering: Experience unparalleled audio quality crafted through a fusion of Astell&Kern's refined sound philosophy and Empire Ears' cutting-edge technology, setting a new standard in sound reproduction
  • Multi-Driver Quadbrid System: Immerse yourself in rich, detailed soundscapes with the innovative 13 Driver Quadbrid system, meticulously engineered for precise audio reproduction across all frequencies
  • Luxurious Craftsmanship: Admire the exquisite design crafted with 24K Wet Gold Plating Faceplates, Sapphire Glass, and a 6061-T6 Aluminium Shell finished in DLC, ensuring both aesthetic elegance and durability
  • Customizable Cable: Enjoy versatility and optimal performance with the included 4-Wire Hybrid Copper, Gold & Silver Cable, offering a customizable listening experience tailored to your preferences
  • Flagship Compatibility: Unlock the full potential of the Astell&Kern SP3000T with the NOVUS, meticulously developed to extract the pinnacle of sound quality from Astell&Kern's flagship player, delivering an unparalleled audio experience
  • Limited Edition Prestige: Indulge in the exclusivity of owning a limited edition collaboration between two industry leaders, Astell&Kern and Empire Ears, symbolizing the epitome of audio craftsmanship and innovation
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Empire Ears X Astell&Kern 


Astell&Kern and Empire Ears are once again joining forces to introduce their second collaboration IEM, embodying the essence of audio technology. The first collaboration, Astell&Kern X Empire Ears Odyssey, was a product that epitomised the innovation of both companies in unlocking the full potential of Astell&Kern's flagship SP3000, garnering significant attention with its flawless sound and distinctive design.

The newly unveiled Astell&Kern X Empire Ears NOVUS builds upon the technological advancements of its predecessor. It seamlessly integrates the sound and design philosophy of Astell&Kern players with Empire Ears' unique technology, establishing a remarkable new paradigm at an astonishing level.

NOVUS has been developed to extract the pinnacle of sound from the Astell&Kern SP3000T, combining the most delicately crafted analog vacuum tube sound with ultra-high-resolution original sound. Every component and material has been meticulously chosen without compromise to deliver a flagship sound that has never been experienced before. It is completed with a design that befits the highest-grade product, encapsulating the essence of Astell&Kern X Empire Ears.



In an audacious leap forward, Empire Ears, in collaboration with Astell&Kern, unveils the Novus: a beacon of innovation in the in-ear monitor landscape. This partnership marries our relentless drive for excellence with Astell&Kern's renowned audio engineering prowess, setting new horizons in sound fidelity and technological sophistication.

With each pioneering technology it introduces, the Novus stands as a testament to our collective inventive spirit, a fusion of visionary design and unparalleled acoustic performance that propels the IEM industry into a new era.

Quadbrid Design

The NOVUS, with its innovative Quadbrid design, stands as proof of what can be achieved when pioneering spirit meets engineering excellence, blending multiple driver technologies to deliver an auditory experience without parallel.

This collaboration not only showcases our dedication to sound superiority but also reiterates our capacity to redefine the possibilities of IEM technology.

Bespoke Design

Drawing deep inspiration from the revered world of haute horlogerie, we have seamlessly woven together the distinct design philosophies of Astell&Kern and Empire Ears with the opulent, detailed craftsmanship characteristic of luxury timepieces.

The result is an in-ear monitor that not only exemplifies auditory excellence but also embodies ultra-luxe design, marking a new era where the realms of high-fidelity sound and visual grandeur converge in perfect harmony.

Dual Conduction Symphony

At the heart of Empire Ears' ethos lies a dedication to pushing the boundaries of in-ear monitor technology. This commitment to innovation gave birth to the Dual Conduction Architecture (DCA), a ground-breaking approach to sound reproduction that marries air and bone conduction.

This revolutionary design ensures an auditory experience that transcends mere listening, allowing you to feel the resonance, and offering an unparalleled purity in sound.

Handcrafted in the USA

This masterpiece was meticulously designed, engineered, and hand-assembled at Empire's esteemed facility in North Atlanta, Georgia, USA. While we ensure the highest quality by select components globally, the essence of the NOVUS's creation is a testament to the collaborative genius that spans from the USA to Korea.

This transatlantic partnership marries the meticulous design ethos of Astell & Kern with Empire Ears' commitment to acoustic excellence, culminating in an auditory experience that transcends borders and sets a new benchmark in the realm of sound.


Included in the box

  • 2x NOVUS IEMs
  • 1x 4.4mm Bespoke Effect Audio ARES II UPOCC Copper Litz Cable
  • 1x 4.4mm to 3.5mm Pentaconn adapter
  • 5x Pairs of Final Audio E-Type Tips (XS/S/M/L/XL)
  • 1x Aluminium Tip tray
  • 1x Pandora V2 CNC anodized black aluminium case
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 1x EE X AK Microfiber Cloth
whats in the box
General Specifications
13 Driver Quadbrid, Dual Conduction
· [Dual] W9+ Dynamic Drivers
· [Five] Balanced Armature Drivers: 1 Sonion driver, Quad Proprietary NOVA Drivers by Knowles
· [Quad] Electrostatic Drivers by Sonion
· [Dual] Bone Conductors by Sonion
Connector type
4-Wire Hybrid Copper, Gold & Silver – 23.7AWG Litz Type 4S Cable Structure reinforced with black macro-molecular fiber
Housing material
6061-T6 Aluminum finished in DLC Shell: DLC - Diamond-Like Carbon Logo Grid: DLC - Diamond-Like Carbon Faceplates: 24K Pure Gold
Frequency Response
108.1dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
2 ohms @1kHz